'18 Championship Show Premium Book revised 4-9-18


PB Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR

HA Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR

If you wish to enter this class and have already sent in your entries please contact the show secretary.

PRIZE BOOK 2018.Rev.1 (pdf)


2018 Region 9 Show Forms

2018 Region 9 _verification of qualification form (docx)


2018 Region 9 Championship Show_ box seats (docx)


2018 Reg 9 Entry front and Back Rev w Paypal (2) (pdf)



If the payment amount is for multiple horses, how much you are paying for each horse, or for other items, list it in the note section. Failure to do so will cause an additional fee of $50.00 per horse to figure out what you did. Help us with the details to make the entry process smooth. 6. Enter your credit cardand other information. Be sure to enter your email address. This is where the confirmation will be sent. You must print it out and include it with your entry form when you mail it in. If this confirmation is not included with the entry form, a Post Entry Fee will be incurred.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card